What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Quick Facts

  • What does PDR stand for? Paintless Dent Removal
  • How long does it take? Every repair is different. Some are done in less than 15 minutes while others will take a day or two
  • How much is it? Depends on size, location, and severity of damage. Fill out our online form or give us a call at: 717-459-4423.
  • Does it last? Our repairs are lifetime guaranteed
  • Does insurance recognize PDR? You bet. PDR is recognized by all major insurance providers
  • What is the process for PDR? Learn about our process here.
  • Do you work on Tesla vehicles? We do! And we are IMI EV Level II Certified. Learn more about Tesla paintless dent repair.
Dent light on BMW fender.

PDR vs. Traditional Dent Repair

Traditional body shop repairs are a long and dirty process. Your factory paint is sanded down, filled over with bondo, and painted over. While this process works and has its place in the industry, it is a less than ideal solution for most people. It is very expensive, takes a lot of time, and has a negative impact on the resale value of the car.

Paintless Dent Repair removes dents without fillers, sanding, or painting. Instead, PDR makes the metal return to the it’s original shape, without any need for painting or additional work. It is as if the spot disappeared, without a trace.

PDR is a more efficient and affordable repair than traditional auto body repair. It effectively removes hail damage, creases, dings, and dents in an environmentally-friendly way, without harmful paints or fillers. And there is no risk of the dent returning, since the metal simply has returned to its original shape.

PDR’s limitations have to do with the location and depth of a dent. We need access to the underside or backside of the dent, and we can handle dents anywhere from the size of a watermelon to the point of a pencil. If the metal is rusted, stretched, or punctured then a fix is probably not possible.

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Hail Damage? Get PDR.

Hail storms can wreak havoc on your car's hood and roof, leaving hundreds of noticeable dents behind.

Paintless dent repair is the preferred choice to repair hail damage, as it helps retain your car's value and saves your car from being repainted.

Repairing Hail damage  

The Dangers of Bad PDR!

Be Sure to Hire A High-Level PDR Technician

As is the case with most skills, it is both an art and a science. There are many people who may call themselves 'PDR Technicians' because they went to school or have a certificate. Be warned - there are plenty of guys that just took an online course on PDR and would love to be paid to practice on your car. Be very careful who you choose, once a PDR repair is attempted and done the WRONG way it very rarely can be corrected and could require the car to be repainted.

The art of PDR is what happens when you combine experience, passion, and a deep understanding of the science. An inexperienced PDR Technician can actually make your problem much worse, cause you more headaches, and will not fix your problem. Play it safe... play it smart - give us a call.

Bad pdr repair example. Inexperienced PDR technicians can leave your car looking worse off.
Bad pdr repair example. Often, the only way to repair bad PDR is is with traditional body work and new paint.
5 Star Review
Dave had my door looking brand new for a very reasonable price and quick turn around time. I had my truck back in an hour and a half! I have already recommended Lancaster Dent Removal to all my buddies!

- Jeff G. (Google Review)

Additional PDR Applications

Paintless dent repair is not limited to standard cars and trucks. Owners of award-winning show cars and antique vehicles trust PDR to remove dents and keep the vehicle looking in show condition. Get A Quick Quote    
paintless dent removal on classic VW show car Award-winning 1982 VW Golf show car   paintless dent removal on single engine aircraft Repairing a dent on single engine airplane.