Removing Dents from a 1982 Volkswagen Golf

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Restoring a Classic 1982 Volkswagen Golf

At Lancaster Dent Removal we treat every customer’s car as if it were our own. We have serviced thousands of cars and while each case is unique, our customers are all treated with the same level of professionalism and quality. We take the time to get to know you, and make sure you understand our approach and process.

“I explain to all our customers: PDR is the process of reshaping the outer metal shell of your car without disturbing the paint. This maintains your factory finish without affecting your car’s total value.”
– Dave Wolgemuth, Lancaster Dent Removal

The goal of each restoration project we take on is always centered around maintaining, if not replenishing, the highest value of your car. But a few times each year, our work requires a level of professionalism and skill that goes above and beyond general PDR.

paintless dent removal on classic VW show car

PDR for Classic & Showroom Cars

When we work on classic cars or showroom cars, a superior level of care and skill is required. In projects like this one, it is imperative that every piece of the car that gets removed or worked on is treated as if it could never be replaced or damaged– in some cases that is the reality.

This 1982 award winning VW Golf had some cosmetic damage on the front driver’s side fender and quarter panel. Taking it to a body shop was out of the question; PDR was the best option to restore this car. We came directly to this customer’s garage so the risk of further damaging the car during transportation was alleviated.

“The car was in immaculate condition. The tires weren’t even on the ground—it was on rollers.” – Dave

Work on this classic Golf was unique because the damaged panel not only needed to be repaired to maintain the car’s showroom quality and value, but also because the panel was painted on both sides and the backside needed to remain undamaged as well. Fortunately, we were able to make a clean removal of the dents.

Dave is a big VW fan, and while this project was challenging, he was excited to work on a car owned by a fellow enthusiast. The result of this project was a beautifully restored classic machine with no visible sign of dents and no damage to the car’s finish, along with a satisfied car owner.

“It was great meeting Dave, fellow VW fan and just a great guy. Very professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a perfect result. He worked hard on some tough imperfections. Did all three of my cars. You won’t be disappointed. He surpassed my expectations and I am a perfectionist. Thanks Dave!” – Nate, Owner

restoring classic vw
paintless dent removal on vw