Repairing Hail Damage

Hail damage can devastate the finish of a car by causing hundreds — if not thousands — of tiny dents on your hood and roof.

Most body shops offer hail damage services, which often means sawing off the top of your car and replacing it with a new roof. Not only is this expensive and requires a new paint job, it will also show up on your vehicle history.

PDR is different.


PDR is the preferred choice for repairing hail damage

Paintless dent removal is a better option for removing dents caused by hail. A PDR technician will painstakingly comb the roof and hood of your vehicle, finding and fixing every dent. Due to the sheer number of dents to fix, fixing hail damage can take up to a week in work. But at the end, you car looks like it was never in a hail storm — all without extensive body work or a new paint job.

Benefits of PDR for hail damage

  • Covered by insurance
  • Will not raise your insurance premium
  • A less-drastic option to body work
  • Will not show up on your car history report
  • Helps retain your car’s vaule
  • Restores factory finish

3 Steps to Prompt Hail Damage Repairs

  1. Contact your insurance company, letting them know you have experienced hail damage and you want to use PDR for your repairs. Be sure to write down your claim number.

  2. Contact Lancaster Dent Removal. We will set up an appointment to survey the damage and provide a quote to you and your insurance company.

  3. Schedule an appointment. Depending on the amount of damage, we usually advise our customers to plan on the repair taking a week; most are finished within 1-2 days.

Schedule Hail Repairs